Yuri Tomikawa



Suggested resources for startup founders.


Marketplace Academy is a great resource for marketplaces.

Types of tech platforms, including marketplaces.

Market-Networks and how they will lead the next 10 years.


Startup 101

Startup Class by Sam Altman is the go-to Startup 101.

Startup Playbook is essentially the written version of the above.

Paul Graham has great articles.


Startup listsings

YC startup list.

Crunchbase for finding valuation and fundraising data.

Angel List for a comprehensive list of startups.


Tech startup, 'small business' style

Building a sustainable business by Basecamp Founder.

Do things that don't scale, an infographic.



Pricing your product by Sequoia Capital.


Fund raising

How funding works, a fun infographic.



Radical Candor, a book on management that encourages building a personal relationship and providing candid feedback to employees.

The 4-Hour Workweek, not a book on management, but helpful in determining how to enable your business to run without you.


Squarespace to build basic websites.

Unsplash for free beautiful images.

Todoist for a to do list for you and your team.

MOO for business cards.

Paperless Post to send beautiful invites.

GSuite for domains and email addresses.


Professional services

UpCounsel to find lawyers.

Codementor.io to find developers.



a16z by Andreessen Horowitz.

Startup Podcast, by Gimlet Media.